A beautiful art work found it’s home

One of my biggest fans just recently acquired a new SKARSKY. “Ultrasound small” is its title. Quite a wonderful piece. Powerful, balanced colorful and can stand alone quite wonderfully.

New commissioned work recently completed

A new commissioned work has been completed. At the October exhibition in the ice cream store, my customers fell in love with a picture that unfortunately did not have the right format for their living room. So it became a commissioned work. …

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“Sitting beauty in red” amidst wonderful works of art

Just recently I delivered an artwork to a friend who already has some SKARSKYs. How nice to see how the different artworks complement each other so wonderfully. So I saw “Sitting beauty” sitting quite happily between a “Jörg von Kita-Kittel” and an “Ahmed Fouda”. My heart is beating faster 🙂

Squares are online

27 Squares are online. At the last show in November we finally photographed all the squares. See for yourself how adorable they turned out.

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