New commissioned work

Colorful and eye-catching

A new commissioned work has been completed. At the October exhibition in the ice cream store, my customers fell in love with a picture that unfortunately did not have the right format for their living room. So it became a commissioned work. After visiting their flat and taking measurements, I got an impression of what could go well with their style in terms of colour. Since it’s always nice to have a choice, I wanted to create two different artworks. One that would be more calm and fit in more with the surroundings and one that would be a colourful eye-catcher. So I brought both of them over and it was very quickly clear which one it was going to be.

As I thought it would, “Atlantis” fitted in well with its surroundings. But the space above the sofa was too precious to give it away to a picture that would simply fit in well. A big hit had to go there. An eye-catcher. A statement. That was definitely “The fantastic world of wonders”. The title alone invites you on a dream journey.

And so it was. The two clients quickly decided on “The fantastic world of wonders”. Truly a source of joy. Thank you D.E. for the photos.